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Financial Advisor Leads

May 7, 2020

Our Financial Advisor Leads are available to both Independent Financial Advisors and Restricted Advisors. Any consumer requesting an IFA either through an independent search keyword or indepenent branded consumer website will not be sold to restricted advisers.

We have supplied financial adviser leads to several hundred Financial Advisor firms throughout the UK.

We are able to draw on experience of over 100 years in performance marketing combined with our in house algorithms to facilitate the objectives of financial advisors and those seeking advice for a range of financial services. Being so niche and using the latest advances in tech and innovation, our team of data analysts, creatives, and client support experts streamline the process of delivering real clients in real time directly to our partners. We work with you to specify your criteria, with no upfront financial commitments or memberships. We are fully compliant with GDPR policies and provide flexible contracts to suit the needs and size of any financial business, making partnership with us worthwhile.

To find out more about our financial advisor leads contact us or call Peter Yates now on 01423 423071

What is a Financial Adviser Lead?

A potential customer that has expressed interest in financial advice and would like to speak to a Financial Advisor relating to one or more of the following areas:

  • Financial Advice Leads
  • Pension & Retirement Leads
  • Investment Leads
  • Final Salary Pension Leads
  • Investments
  • Equity Release
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax & IHT Planning
  • Insurance & Protection
  • General Financial Advice

The bulk of the leads will be Pensions & Retirement. You can opt out of Mortgage Advice, Equity Release and Final Salary Pension Schemes.

How do we generate Financial Advice Leads?

Our financial advice leads are generated via paid search on Google and Bing using our network of consumer facing websites for example:

You will be advised which website originated the financial adviser lead so you can introduce yourself in a relevant way when you make contact with the consumer.

How much do our Financial Adviser Leads cost?

Costs vary depending on a variety of factors e.g. the location required, local competion, rejection criteria etc. Prices start around £75 per lead and on average are just over £100. The prices do not include VAT which is payable currently.

To find out more about our financial advisor leads call Peter Yates now on 01423 423071

How do we control the quality of our Financial Advice Leads?

We have huge experience of general online marketing, finanical services online marketing and finanical advice lead generation in our team. Over the years we have carefully refined our websites and campaigns to provide a great return on investment for our partners. We measure the contact rates, appointment rates, gone to business rate, average fund sizes, average fees and trail fees of a selection of our partners in order to maintain a network wide quality control that is second to none in the market place.

Our campaigns track unique references for every click we buy and record this against every lead we sell. Partner feedback allows us to directly measure the performance of our campaigns.

Every 5 minutes our campaign data & lead data is mirrored into our Google BigQuery cloud analytics storage engine allowing up to the minute analysis of performance. We combine this data with various 3rd party data to review demographics and a variety of other triggers to establish what sections of the market provide a good return for our partners.

What does a Financial Adviser Lead look like?

As an adviser you will receive the lead in one or all of 3 ways:

  1. an SMS to your mobile phone or your nominated mobile phones
  2. an email to your nominated email address or distribution list
  3. an API delivery of the lead details direct into your company system to trigger your internal workflows

The basic web lead will provide you with:

  • Name
  • Postcode
  • Type of Advice
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Website that originated the lead

What does the consumer see when they submit a lead?

The consumer will receive an email and SMS advising them to expect a call from your company and advising the website url they have just completed the form on. You should mention your company name and the website name when calling the consumer to establish a trust handover from our website to the conversation you have when they answer the phone.

What is the obligation on the Financial Adviser?

You will need to offer a free initial phone consultation to the consumer to understand their situation and whether you can help. Regardless of whether the consumer will go to business the consultation must be professional and helpful to the consumer as best as possible.

In order to make the most of the leads supply, it is essential that the adviser is able to contact the lead quickly by phone and that there is a good contact strategy in place to call the consumer several times at different times of day in order to make initial contact. Our analysis has shown that waiting only a short time to make the first call can significantly reduce the contact rate and hence make the cost of signed business significantly higher. Good contact rates are 90% averages around 80%. Those advisers who do not have a good contact strategy in place will find this drops off quickly and the campaigns can become unviable from an ROI point of view just from poor implementation of this.

Our best performing advisers are also prepared to talk in detail to their leads and find ways of helping them or gaining referrals that lead to business.

What are the risk factors for the investment?

The main risk factors with this investment have been shown to be in the procedures and policies of our advisers partners. Our campaign quality management system measures adviser performance by a variety of factors and compares different advisers buying the same financial advice lead types in the same locations and the variance between advisers far outweights the variance in campaigns and website and search engine factors. We will advise you on the best practice from our most successful advisers, but it will be up to you to implement the best practice and work the leads well to convert them to business.

However, we have consistent performance results from many advisers as a benchmark of performance. The main risk will be that an adviser will not be skilled in working with the leads to get an acceptable return.

What is the return on your investment?

If done correctly lead generation will provide you with a positive return in year 1 of 200% up to 400% and including trail the return on lead spend alone can be 2000%. The majority of our advisers report that they tend to earn fees of circa £2700 per piece of business and £700 trail.

Converting only 1 in 20 leads will, on average cover your costs. 1 in 10 and you double your money – this is the approximate network average.

What are the Basic Terms and Conditions?

We have a minimum monthly commitment of 10 leads. Leads are invoiced weekly approximately 1 week in arrears. Replacement leads are available for incorrect names (e.g. mickey mouse) and where the phone number given is invalid.

We offer flexible contract terms and do not have a tie in notice period. We want this to work for you, but we realise not everyone has the skills to perform as a financial adviser and to work the leads as required to make an appropriate ROI.

If you feel you can do both and are looking to work with an experienced partner to grow your funds under management in a predictable way then we’d like to hear from you.

To find out more about our financial advisor leads contact us or call Peter Yates now on 01423 423071