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The Case For Communication: Why More Engagement is Vital in Lead Generation

January 15, 2019

We live in a world that’s eager to feel valued and respected throughout all of our daily tasks and processes. This eagerness stretches to the world of lead generation, too. Beware, the days of cold calling and spam are long gone in 2019, and today we find ourselves entering a new age of delivering a supreme customer and client experience.

The internet’s a big place to sell your services to clients. In such a competitive environment clogged up with rivals and ambitious upstarts, it’s vital to keep your business ahead of the chasing pack when it comes to attracting customers to your website.

Generating a customer experience model that not only consolidates the intent of the buyer but provides a truly enjoyable journey towards making a purchase that’s built on meaningful engagements is key. But how can these enhanced points of contact deliver superior client acquisition? And what practices are the most effective in the industry? Here, we take a deeper look at the case for communication in lead generation.


Put simply, an incentive is designed to encourage somebody to take action. When it comes to lead generation, incentives are one of the most effective ways of converting interest into decisive actions.

Typically found accompanying a call-to-action, an incentive can take the form of a bonus, offer, or promise designed to make a potential customer’s decision to trust your business ahead of its competitors.

This type of engagement is particularly effective with users because it adds value to the human side of your business. If customers feel like you’re willing to use freebies and other incentives to attract them to the services you offer, then they’ll begin to identify the organisation as one that cares for the public while anticipating a better level of service and more offers in the future.

So effective is the avenue of incentivising your call-to-actions that Marketing Week has reported that this level of appealing directly to leads makes visitors 40% more willing to sign up to a newsletter if they believe that they’re set to receive something of value in return.


Technology connects us better, and there’s no more effective way of reaching potential clients and customers than through setting up an efficient and responsive chatbot as the first point of contact for enquiries.

The most useful aspect of chatbots is how they’re capable of utilising AI and machine learning to identify buyer behaviour and pre-empt any help that they may require throughout the conversion funnel process.

Chatbots also use a process known as ‘deep learning’ where a network recognises speech, data, and specific patterns before transmitting the data through layers of the network in order to provide accurate results each time the AI faces the same problem or query from users.

The beauty of the chatbot is that it provides a significant level of higher engagement for customers automatically, at any time. A recurring complaint from many users of online services stems from a lack of responsiveness – in this day and age there’s no reason to leave leads in the lurch when they navigate to your website. But with a dedicated and intuitive chatbot on-hand, customers can find instant help that can be tuned to suit your brand’s identity whether they’re browsing at 2 pm or 2 am.

Email outreach

Spam is fast becoming a dirty word in the 21st Century. Nobody wants it, and nobody can be tricked by its cold, copy and pasted charms.

But just because spam is a dead avenue of communication, it doesn’t mean that there’s no room for engaging email campaigns in lead generation.

Whether you’re aiming to conduct some outbound prospecting or inbound marketing, or simply network with potential partners and clients, it’s imperative to create engaging emails – gone are the days of simply scattering thousands of identical messages into the inboxes of uninterested recipients.

Here, it pays to address your prospect by name – this is a vital means of showing the recipient that you wish to connect with them specifically. More generic approaches are a sure-fire way of having your efforts land in the junk pile of inboxes worldwide.

The effects of higher engagement efforts in email have been scrutinised by thinktanks everywhere, and the statistics clearly point to the positive effects that personalised outreach can bring organisations. Aberdeen, for example, found that personalised emails improved recipient click-through rates by an average of 14%, and conversions by 10%. While that 74% of marketers agree that personalisation increases customer engagement.

Lead generation and its practices are a broad and dynamic spectrum that can pay dividends when utilised correctly. Performance Leads specialises in generating high-quality customer acquisition in the financial market and excels in delivering unrivalled engagement with leads.

Fully GDPR compliant and capable of drawing on over 100 years of collective experience in the industry, Performance Leads are able to utilise their in-house dedicated algorithms to matchmake prospects with the right organisation in order to ensure satisfaction from all involved parties.