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Benefit from working in a vibrant professional environment, with unique roles and responsibilities that provide an engaging challenge. Expand your horizons with Performance Leads, where we focus on solutions to problems today to create a better tomorrow for us and the companies we work with. Our ethos centres around working in sync to reach mutual goals that make a real difference to clients’ businesses.

Success for you & us


It might not be easy, but it’s fun. We really appreciate the power of hard work, and know thats this is how we become stronger together.

Improve yourself

We grow as individuals and as a team. We have an emphasis on developing in order to address the challenges of the future.


On mastery and improvement. We’re a startup, so we always value your drive to succeed in our collective journey.


In it for the love. With our ethos of enthusiasm, employees thrive at Performance Leads.


Yourself. We understand that life isn’t always straightforward, and we always want to support you to be the best that you can be


Others and yourself. You will always know that you are offering something of immense value to our clients, directly aiding them in growing their business alongside ours


To solve identified problems. Creativity is one of our defining features, we’re always looking to new and exciting “out of the box” ideas


Through challenges. Resilience and continuing to offer excellence to our partners in the face of adversity

Our promise

Recognise the importance of a work-life balance - we take a "family first" approach

Personal and professional development

Competitive salary

Training programmes

Voucher schemes

Paid social events

Book club

Company well being incentives

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GDPR Basics

November 29, 2018

GDPR is a hot topic at the moment as it is set to revolutionise and homogenise data protection laws in the EU. The General Data Protection Regulations come into force on May 25 2018 and will replace the Data Protection Act in the UK. It is the biggest change in data protection legislation for over 25 years and is set to give individuals back control over their personal data.


Performance Leads in motion

December 9, 2018

On Tuesday 20th November, we filmed our very first Performance Leads video. It was a great and full day spent here at our new offices, with footage filmed by the lovely Blow Media. The video is our unique way of explaining our message and ethos, and will be presented here on various pages of our website, as well as on our YouTube channel.


Our Partner Survey Report

December 12, 2018

We asked our partners what they thought about us and our research showed we have an 86% satisfaction rating, find out what they had to say in our feedback survey here.


The Case For Communication: Why More Engagement is Vital in Lead Generation

January 15, 2019

We live in a world that’s eager to feel valued and respected throughout all of our daily tasks and processes. This eagerness stretches to the world of lead generation, too. Beware, the days of cold calling and spam are long gone in 2019, and today we find ourselves entering a new age of delivering a supreme customer and partner experience.